Christie Fit

About Us

I started out at a young age learning how to become healthy from my mother. Overtime, I knew this was a passion of mine. Not only for me, but the feeling you get when you can help another person achieve their goals. During my journey in the Military, I helped those that could not pass their physical fitness test along with nutritional and physical fitness knowledge. After my Military career was over I joined the local law enforcement. Throughout this time I became apart of our fitness program preparing new recruits for POST academy. 

During this time I realized where my heart belonged, helping others lead a healthier lifestyle. 

My educational background is wide from my careers. I started off with an undergraduate in Information technology, visual communications and multimedia. I then received my masters in Criminal Justice. After this I went back to school for my degree in Advanced personal training and exercise science. 

Currently I am a personal trainer/coach at the Mecca gym and coach online.