Christie Fit

Lose weight get fit

     My online training packages are not your ordinary "cookie cutter" packages. Each Macro plan/meal plan is tailored for you and your body. My workout plans are tailored for anyone with injuries, limitations or accessibility to equipment. I will create workout plans for those wanting to workout in the comfort of their own home. 

     My goal is to get the idea of getting healthy means you can't eat what you want out of your head. As long as you stay within  my Macros (carbs, proteins and fats) you can enjoy the foods you love. 

     I can take online payments through Square, paypal or Facebook. Program Designs start at $150. Depending on how long you would like stick with your plans I offer deals when purchasing several months. Contact me for more information regarding your goals. If you are in my local area I train at The Mecca Gym, located in Meridian, Idaho. Inquire through the Mecca for prices or myself.